Microsoft Outlook uses PST file format to store its data while some other email clients like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Sea Monkey use the MBOX file format. Both these formats, as you would know are not accessible across each other’s platform. Thus, if a user wishes to migrate his mailbox from one email client to another, say from any one of the MBOX carrier to Outlook, then he needs to convert MBOX files to PST format.
Method to convert Thunderbird MBOX to PST
When one intends to switch from Thunderbird email client to Microsoft Outlook, it is necessary to carry out an MBOX to PST conversion. Here is how you can do it manually:
01: In Thunderbird, select a mail folder, select all/required emails, and then select the Save As option from the right-click menu.

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To import MBOX to Thunderbird requires you to install “ImportExportTools” add-on. First-of-all, make sure you have created a backup of your MBOX file in order to avoid any data lose, in case the import function fails or gets interrupted. Now, follow the below mentioned steps to successfully import your MBOX files into Thunderbird application:

    1. Launch Mozilla Thunderbird application, and click Tools> ImportExportTools > Import mbox file. The Files mbox import dialogue appears.

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What’s Unique about MBOX Email Format?

MBOX is a unique email format that appends list of emails in a concatenated series. It can be termed as database file where each email is distinguished with the From parameter at the beginning and blank line at the end. The encoded From field comprises the following meta-data:

  • Date: It signifies the date on which email is dispatched from the sender and accurately represented in Standard C asctime 24 characters format.
  • Sender: It is a one word without any spaces that simply depicts the email sender address.
  • Moreinfo: It contains additional information related to email.

To access and manage MBOX email items, versatile email clients have been released which includes Eudora, Postbox, Netscape, PocoMail, AppleMail, Entourage, Spicebird, Opera, PowerMail, and Thunderbird. One can use these email platforms to facilitate day-to-day email communication but these email clients lacks functionalities that are required in carrying out the advanced collaborative services. Let us look at some of the MBOX email client which lacks certain set of features that might be useful under specific circumstances.

Why MBOX Email Clients are Fading Away?

MBOX email clients have been used on versatile operating system environments which includes Linux, Windows, and Apple OS. Because of the cross-platform features and open-source utility, most of the small organizations and individual users utilize the MBOX email platforms. However, it has been observed that there is sharp decline in MBOX email users and users are promptly moving towards MS Outlook platforms. Read more about Never Let Inadequate Email Infra Hamper Business Productivity – Deploy MBOX to PST Migration Tool »

As a frequent user of Apple mail or Sea Monkey or other email application that store data in MBOX file format, knows that MBOX file format is the most preferential among other formats due to its ability of saving the items in logical and sequential order in a single text file. Suppose you are using Apple OS version 10.2 to work. You save mails, calendar entries and other items in it. Suddenly either due to client’s choice or yours, you have decided to change the OS to Windows. Now, the biggest challenge awaits for you is migration and access to Apple Mail data from Windows screen. Thus, the problem is clearly presented – “How are you going to migrate MBOX mails to Windows screen and make them more secure for future access?”

To resolve the issue we can divide the solution in two parts: First – Installation of MS Outlook and safe migration of MBOX files to MS Outlook, and second – Migration of MBOX items to more secure platforms for future access.

Implementing First Step

To initiate with the first step, user must be ready to install MS Outlook in the system along with updated version of Windows for easy working. Once it is done, user can make use of third-party tool to migrate data from the MBOX files to PST (A file format of MS Outlook) as there is no inbuilt tool that can facilitate such migration. However, it is found that selection of the right tool is the problem as there are numerous tools. Therefore, it is advised to take trial of the tool prior making purchase of its licensed version. Read more about Save MBOX files in Office 365 for Better Days »

Unfortunately, MS Outlook does not provide any direct import facility to migrate the MBOX files of AppleMail to Outlook PST files. Due this limitation, users generally find difficulty in performing cross-platform conversion that involves MBOX files of any email client to PST format.

Although, MBOX is a broadly accepted platform for varied email clients other than AppleMail. This format supports an array of email platforms like Thunderbird, MozzilaMail, Entourage, Spicebird, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, Netscape, OperaMail, Evolution, ClawsMail, Pocomail, Eudora, Sylpheed, Cone, Mutt and Gnu Mail and others. The blog emphasizes around the emerging needs and conversion process of AppleMail (MBOX) to Outlook migration.

Why Migrate From AppleMail To Outlook?

The management ease, seamless flexibility and cost effectiveness are some of the elements that influence users migrate data from AppleMail platform to Outlook. Mac platform involves more complexities as compared to Windows platforms, when it comes to email handing and management. Windows for Outlook provides welcoming environment for better handling and productivity and so MS Outlook has gained high points on popularity chart.
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